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MK Smiles are ready to help even the most nervous of patients

We’re ready to make sure you’re put at ease during your treatment and will always put your needs first. Here’s what we can do for you….

Sometimes you can feel a bit daft admitting that you’re scared of something. Especially when that something is as important as the dentist. But you’re not alone.

Almost half of all adults in the UK say that they’re nervous about visiting the dentist, while 12% of adults are so worried that they’re considered to have extreme dental anxiety.

It’s not a shock, therefore, that lots of people in the UK struggle through dental pain and don’t get a check-up until the pain becomes unbearable.

For us at MK Smiles, that just won’t do.

We want our patients to come through the experience not only with the smile they’ve been desperate for but for them to think: “Hey, it wasn’t that bad after all.”

It’s through this patient-centred care that our Principal Dentist Uma became recognised and certified by Dental Phobia for her attention to, and focus on, patient care.To qualify for this, Dental Phobia requires testimonials to be sent in by patients who were previously dental phobic before they underwent treatment. So we have to thank all our patients for taking the time to express how happy they were with our care! Now, before you think we’re trying to say that we can cure your phobia, we’re not. We’d love to and many of our patients come out of treatment happy with the work and experience we provide. But what we are saying is that we will always do our utmost to make sure you’re relaxed and that all your prior worries are addressed before you’re sat down in that chair. And that’s the reason why so many of our patients come back. But why take our word for it? Have a look here to see what our customers think.

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