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All-On-4 treatment could change your life

Dental implants might sound frightening, but the treatment is quick, effective and will leave you with a lifelong smile Dentures, Marmite, Manchester United. If you’ve experienced them, the odds are you’ve got an opinion, and that opinion will be pretty intense. Now, we won’t get into the previous two, but dentures are something we definitely are experts in. Many people who wear dentures find them cumbersome, unnatural and they have to avoid eating certain foods. If you’re someone who struggles with this, we have the perfect solution: All-on-4 teeth. This treatment involves fitting natural-looking dental implants in a one-day procedure. And,

for those who want to get it over and done with, you’re in luck, because the implants are fitted in one-day – meaning you can walk in bright and early, and by the evening, you’ll be out with a life-changing set of new teeth and a beautiful smile.

So what’re the benefits?

  • The treatment is cheaper than conventional methods
  • You don’t need expensive bone-grafts
  • It’s a one-day treatment instead of the usual lengthy process
  • Your confidence will be restored to what it should be
  • You can finally tuck into that apple you’ve been craving

If you’re ready to find out more, why not ring up to book a consultation or speak to one of our wonderful receptionists.

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